Al Busmait presents interactive session on crises management

  • Monday 18, November 2019 10:53 PM
  • Al Busmait presents interactive session on crises management
Sharjah 24: The International Government Communication Centre has organised a workshop on the Sharjah Government Communication Award (SGCA), accompanied by an interactive session titled 'Best Communication Management during Crises', presented by Dr. Aisha Al Busmait, Ambassador of the SGCA, in the presence of representatives of a number of government departments participating in the award.
Al Busmait confirmed that the workshop includes the readiness of the of communication management to avoid crises and solve problems before they occur, in terms of monitoring these problems and gathering information about them.

In an exclusive statement to “Sharjah 24”, Al Busmait said that she shared her experience in crisis management with the directors of all participating communication departments in order to prepare them to apply the same in their respective departments to be ready to better participate in the award.