Sharjah Police enables XPOSURE visitors to witness Crime Scenes

  • Thursday 19, September 2019 06:47 PM
Sharjah24: School goers, university students, and visitors have found a favourite at the International Photography Festival ‘XPOSURE 2019’. The Crime Scene Department from Sharjah Police is generating much excitement and creating awareness in the nation’s populace with a remarkable activation – a re-imagined crime scene scenario inspired by real crimes, which have been committed in the emirate.
The highly technical crime scene scenario has reinterpreted 19 crime scene photographs, taken from real-life crime scenes and reanimated for education purpose. The intention of bringing these in is to allow the public to learn more about the importance of the crime scene photography.

Part of this first-of-its-kind showcase by Sharjah Police are public talks about the processes followed in identifying, tagging, and photographing forensic evidence. Making their debut at the region’s truly International Photography Festival, Sharjah Police is also shining light on the required technical prowess young people need to develop to pursue a career in forensic photography through their interactions with visitors.

First Lieutenant Rawya Al Mehrzi, Forensic Evidence Officer, Sharjah Police Crime Scene Department, Sharjah Police, said: “Forensic photography is very different from regular photography. Our participation in XPOSURE 2019 aims to educate visitors of all ages on how forensic photography is used to solve even the most dangerous crimes”.

“We are also educating visitors on the skills and qualifications required by a forensic photographer, the process of collecting evidence for photography and the importance of measuring evidence besides focusing on tracing evidence.”

Visitors, especially school students, were given first-hand insights into how forensic experts identify evidence and measure and photograph them with the help of a make-shift crime scene, especially enacted for educational purposes.

First Lieutenant Al Mehrzi added, “We are delighted with the response we have been receiving from the audiences at XPOSURE. Since it is the first time Sharjah Police is exhibiting, we are immensely encouraged by the interest younger visitors have shown in the subject.”