Canada monitoring negative behavior of 'at risk' people

  • Monday 04, March 2019 12:47 PM
Sharjah 24 – Reuters: Canadian authorities are using databases to track 'at risk' individuals.
According to a Motherboard investigation, Canadian authorities are using a shared database called 'The Risk-driven Tracking Database' or RTD to track 'at risk' individuals.

The RTD is part of a larger Canadian pre-crime policing network called 'The Hub' that partners law enforcement, school staff, social workers, healthcare workers and local governments.

Police and civilian agencies can access this database to gather information of individuals believed to be at risk, which includes people living in dangerous neighborhoods and those who could become criminals or victims, allowing them to intervene in case of emergencies.

Individuals are registered into the RTD if local authorities report abnormal behaviour to The Hub. This data can then be used to request intervention from other law enforcement agencies or institutions.

Currently, there are only two RTDs, one in Ontario and the other in Saskatchewan. However, according to the Correctional Service of Canada, there are roughly 100 active Hubs in the country as of 2016.