What were the mysterious fireballs that crashed in Chile?

  • Thursday 10, October 2019 08:00 AM
Sharjah24 – Reuters: Residents of Chiloe Island saw a mysterious fireball blazing down the sky before fragmenting on September 25.
According to TVN, a local woman said that following the incident, she found burning bushes near her house.

Science Alert reports that Chile's National Geology and Mining Service issued a report three days later, saying it found no evidence of a fallen meteorite.

CNet reported that since the object was not identified, it was officially an unidentified flying object, or UFO."

According TVN, Chilean astronomer and astrophysicist Jose Maza had said the fireball was either a meteorite or space debris that fell back to Earth.

Popular Mechanics reports that since the authorities ruled out meteorite fall, the object may well have been parts of a spacecraft, satellite, or rocket booster.

TVN reports that the National Geology and Mining Service is carrying out a detailed analysis of soil samples, and that it will release the results later this month.

According to Science Alert, another explanation is that the falling object and the burning bush could be events that were entirely unrelated.