Gold or water: the dilemma of indigenous people in Ecuador

  • Thursday 12, September 2019 11:26 AM
Sharjah24 – AFP: Yaku Pérez, an Ecuadorian environmental activist, leads the fight against mining in Quimsacocha, in the Andes of Ecuador, to preserve the area's water resources.
Yaku Pérez, political leader and environmental activist said, "Now, we want that Ecuador be declared a territory free of metallic mining in its water sources, in its fragile ecosystems."

Dorila Fajardo, member of the community El Girón added, "We will not allow the miners here, neither big nor small (companies, ed). Do not make us believe that they have the best cutting-edge technology, we do not believe that."

Yaku Pérez, political leader and environmental activist, "I'm still an activist, I'm not going to stop being one. Being an activist is in my genes and in my heart. But the prefecture is an instrument, it is a tool I can use to defend my people. That way, the prefecture won't be part of a colonial and hierarchical state that imposes its decisions."