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  • 2019 Feb 01Op-eds
    Bringing about a Culture of Change

    When we think about a culture, it is primarily defined in our minds by its people, their unique characteristics and values. Travelling to a new country, the foremost and overarching impression is gained from our interactions with the local people. Our perception of the place is only marginally impacted by its aesthetics, landscapes, infrastructure and public services offered, and largely by the people’s attitudes, their hospitality and generosity…or lack of them.

  • 2018 Oct 09Op-eds
    Making a difference: The collective efforts of youth and government will drive sustainability

    Sharjah 24: While people of all ages share the goal of maintaining a sustainable and healthy planet, it is the youngest members of the global population who can have the longest influence and make the biggest contribution to sustainable living. Today youth in the UAE have a unique opportunity and responsibility to continue the environmental conservation efforts of their forefathers in safeguarding the UAE’s natural heritage.

  • 2017 Nov 19Op-eds
    Sharjah... A Child Friendly City

    If we are to create a sustainable and well balanced society in the future, we have to ensure we nurture and care for our children today, while giving them the opportunity to shape their communities. This, broadly speaking, is the reasoning behind the UNICEF Child Friendly Cities Initiative.

  • 2017 Jun 12Op-eds
    Remember the less fortunate this Ramadan

    Something extraordinary happens to Muslim societies around the world during the holy month of Ramadan. It is a surreal experience and only those who have been touched by it would identify with what I am trying to say. Ramadan brings out the best in the Islamic world, as the faithful fast, pray and opens their doors and hearts to the less fortunate.

  • 2017 Apr 13Op-eds
    Sufis and the Moderate Voice of Islam

    The Sufis of South Asia might not have been great scholars but they promoted and demonstrated the liberating message of Islam with their actions and conduct. So why are they under attack from the extremist fringe?

  • 2016 Dec 27Op-eds
    Sharjah shows the way

    Perhaps it’s a stretch but I find in the contemporary Sharjah – and the UAE to some extent – the echoes of the 8th century Baghdad – the land of the thousand and one tales, the land of Scheherazade. Those were the times when the Muslim civilisation was at its peak and Baghdad had been the greatest city on earth, not just the capital of the most powerful and richest

  • 2016 Dec 18Op-eds
    The World Has Abandoned Aleppo

    The fall and destruction of Aleppo is not just a tragedy for the people of Syria; it is a collective failure of the international community

  • 2016 Oct 23Op-eds
    Muhammed Muheisen: Chronicling Desperate Journeys

    Sharjah 24: Why Muhammed Muheisen, AP’s Pulitzer prize winning photographer, has dedicated his life to chronicling the desperate journeys of Middle East refugees

  • 2016 Oct 18Op-eds
    XPOSURE – International Photography Festival

    Sharjah 24: Xposure is an annual International Photography Festival that features professional photographers, photography workshops, seminars, trade shows, presentations, competitions and exhibitions.

  • 2016 Oct 05Op-eds
    Building Bridges in Divisive Times

    Dr. Akbar Ahmed is a man of many parts. Civil servant, diplomat, author, filmmaker (creator of biopic Jinnah) and teacher, he has also served as Pakistan’s ambassador to the UK. Currently Ibn Khaldun Chair of Islamic Studies and Professor of International Relations at the American University in Washington, it is his extraordinary insight into Muslim societies around the world and contribution as a scholar of Islam that truly sets him apart from his tribe.

Showing 1 - 10 of 12 result