Beirut port explosions cause 43-meter deep crater

  • Monday 10, August 2020 07:18 AM
  • Beirut port explosions cause 43-meter deep crater
Sharjah24 – Reuters: The huge explosions that hit Lebanon's capital Beirut last Tuesday and claimed 158 lives left a 43-meter deep crater at the site, reported local media on Sunday.
The explosions occurred at Beirut's port also injured over 6,000 people, destroyed a large granary and devastated around half of the buildings in the city. The huge crater lies near the destroyed granary, filled with sea water.

Traffic has been restored in surrounding areas after preliminary clearing work. However, residents in the area have to find other shelters as residential buildings opposite the port have had their structures damaged and can't be repaired in a short time.

The second stage of clearing work is focused on the center of the explosions and the destroyed granary. In the warehouse area, products remain scattered on the ground.

Local authorities have planned to restore the use of container port to transfer arriving products to the importers in order to ensure domestic food security. The ports of Tripoli and Saida will replace part of the functions of Beirut port.