Lebanon protesters keep up street pressure against new govt

  • Sunday 16, February 2020 10:24 AM
Sharjah42 – AFP: Lebanese protesters take to the streets in downtown Beirut for an anti-government rally days after lawmakers granted the crisis-hit country's new government a vote of confidence.
Aurore Jadon, protester said,"I'm here to say to the state that we won't give it a vote of confidence for one reason: they're putting the public debt on us and our children and our children's children. We don't want our children to leave Lebanon. We want them to live in Lebanon in dignity."

Another protester, Ali added, "Today and every day we are reaffirming that this government doesn't represent us and it didn't receive a vote of confidence from the people or the revolution. It doesn't represent the revolutionaries or the Lebanese people as a whole. The government, all of it, is illegal. We're staying in the street until it falls, and it will fall."

"We're staying in the street until this government falls. And we're going to bring a government that represents the people, and one that is made of true experts who want to work for this country, not those with their own interests or those who are connected to a political party or in it for their own benefit, etc," he continued.