"When will the bloodshed stop?" : Iraq's Wall of Wishes

  • Wednesday 27, November 2019 06:41 AM
  • "When will the bloodshed stop?" : Iraq's Wall of Wishes
Sharjah 24 – Reuters: The small white post-it note was stuck to the wall amid thousands of other sticky squares, each bearing a wish, a comment or a prayer for the future of Iraq.
"When will the bloodshed stop in my country?" someone had written in neat Arabic script.

Just off Baghdad's Tahrir Square, ground zero for a protest movement that remains unbowed despite the deaths of hundreds of demonstrators in a government crackdown, protesters have set up a "wall of wishes".

"I wrote: 'I used to hate Iraq before October 25, now I'm proud of it'," said one of the protesters.

"Before, we did not have a future, and no one would protest because everyone was scared. Now, we're all gathered at Tahrir Square," she said.

A note on the wall says simply: "We want the government to change." One note calls for the execution of a hated politician; in another, a young man says he wants to finish his sports college.

Activists set up the wall at an abandoned public bathroom. They now plan to compile the wishes in a book.