Algerian presidential candidate presents his campaign program

  • Sunday 17, November 2019 01:58 PM
Sharjah 24 – AFP: Algerian presidential candidate and former culture minister Azzedine Mihoubi gives a press conference at his electoral campaign headquarters at the Democratic National Rally (RND) in the capital Algiers in which he presents his campaign program.
Azeddine Mihoubi, Algerian presidential candidate said, "I have applied by committing myself to work for my country from a new position that will allow me to put all my capital of cultural, administrative and ethical knowledge at the service of the people and their children of which I am a part of."

"We will work to build a state based on skills and not on rewards, a state where opportunities are multiple, where work would be productive, where time is respected. A state that will make innovation a goal and scientific excellence a basis for its development," Azeddine Mihoubi added.