Aaditya Tangri

Co-Founder & CEO of Kalebr Americas and Founder of STEAMathalon

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  • 2020 Feb 02Articles
    Six ways Generation Z differs from other generations in workplace

    Generation Z is the demographic cohort following the Millennials born between 1996 and 2015, meaning they are no longer the ‘future’ workforce - they are the present and among us. There are various ways in which Generation Z differ from Millenials and the generations who have come before them, not least with regards to their attitude and traits in the workplace. The workplace is still coming to grips with and adapting to Millennials, and now there is a new Generation on the rise, aptly named Z. People still poke fun at the millennial generation with idiosyncratic jokes, but the Generation Z will be at the workplace in about a decade's time.

  • 2019 Aug 25Articles
    Sneaky ways to keep your kids learning at home

    There is a common misconception that the traditional notion of ‘education’ is something that only happens at school, but the evidence tells us that the home environment is one of the most powerful influences in a child’s development. Think about it this way - children only spend half their waking hours in school during the academic year. This means much of the learning is still being done outside the school gates.

  • 2019 Aug 18Articles
    Educators of the Future

    There is now no question that in the future, student learning will supersede the classical curriculum and learning formula that we know today. Students will become partners to their own education, partaking in real-world and digital experiences that allow collaboration, communication and teamwork for all students beyond classroom walls. Therefore, we need to facilitate these experiences using the "native" tools of modern learners, equipping the youth and preparing them for their future workplaces, which ultimately should be reflected in the classroom.

  • 2019 Jul 16Articles
    Promoting Brighter Futures Through Sport: Codes of Tolerance

    Many institutions and companies around the world wish to meaningfully integrate innovation, wellbeing and tolerance as part of their core principles, beyond mere "buzzword" positioning that merely bolsters image. However, successfully integrating these principles into organisational structures to ensure a company is always learning, raises important questions such as: how to support and encourage more decision makers; how to engage the whole organisation and wider community; and how to best structure organisational workflow?

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 result