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  • 2019 Jul 16Articles
    Promoting Brighter Futures Through Sport: Codes of Tolerance

    Many institutions and companies around the world wish to meaningfully integrate innovation, wellbeing and tolerance as part of their core principles, beyond mere "buzzword" positioning that merely bolsters image. However, successfully integrating these principles into organisational structures to ensure a company is always learning, raises important questions such as: how to support and encourage more decision makers; how to engage the whole organisation and wider community; and how to best structure organisational workflow?

  • 2019 Jun 30Articles
    How to stay chic in the heat

    No matter the occasion, the Middle East is home to a fashion-conscious population that loves to dress to impress. Yet with temperatures that fluctuate between warm, hot, and quite literally scorching, we fine gentlemen mightn't be as flexible with the choice of fabrics as our European counterparts. Nevertheless, it needn't hinder our commitment to style and with a few tips and tricks, staying chic in the heat is easier than you may have thought.

  • 2019 Jun 23Articles
    Tips and tricks on how to pack in Summer

    Summer is almost here and this means many of us will be packing our bags and heading for greener (and less humid) pastures. Be it a beach holiday, trip to visit friends and family or a weekend staycation, the task of packing, unpacking and repacking can trigger feelings of discomfort when it comes to the mental preparation.

  • 2019 Jun 19Government Letters
    We have a global responsibility towards the displaced

    June 20, World Refugee Day, is an annual reminder of pressing questions dealing with the reality and future of the 68 million people who have fled their homes to escape war, prosecution or terror. Every minute of every day, the staggering number continues to grow.

  • 2019 May 19Articles
    The Rise of Pop Art in Fashion

    Sharjah 24: Pop Art, which takes inspiration from the popular culture of the time and media influence, was born in the 1950s but gained mass popularity in the ’60s. Used to critique or create ironic insinuations, it has been a tool entertained in fashion to express contradictions in tradition. Known as the father of Pop Art within fashion, Andy Warhol began the trend in the 1960s with the “Souper Dress”, featuring the print of his iconic “Campbell's Soup Cans” artwork and opening the eyes of the high-end fashion world.

  • 2019 May 12Articles
    Luca Valentini, keeping pop art alive today

    Sharjah 24: Many avant-garde art movements compose the canon of contemporary art. As the successor of modern art, the contemporary genre includes art produced today and dates back to a single, iconic movement: Pop Art. While Pop Art began in the 1950s and was popularised in the 1960s, several iconic artists today, including Luca Valentini, continue to keep it alive through their exciting and highly regarded works.

  • 2019 Apr 24Government Letters
    ‘1001 Nights’ will forge a lasting cultural memory

    Sharjah 24: What we call memory cannot be just a fleeting moment in a person’s life. A memory holds the power to influence our lives and shape our personalities. This means our histories and cultures are a product of these memories and will continue to form and catalyse human heritage in the future.

  • 2019 Apr 23Articles
    Why CFA “Certified Financial Analyst”?

    Sharjah 24: Living in the 21st century seems that we are living in a race. Everything around us is changing and moving so fast and we battle each other to see who gets to reach the finish line. The same goes for the road that we pave to our education. We begin with a bachelor’s degree but what comes next? Nowadays an innumerable amount of professionals and even your average students have been battling to reach to the top of the pyramid of expertise. But, what really makes a person better? What makes his CV outshine the rest? To be specific, for finance major why has the CFA certificate become of such great value?

  • 2019 Apr 14Articles
    Meniere’s disease

    Meniere’s disease is an auditory disease that affect the inner ear which play an important role in balance. This disease can affect all ages but mostly presents at the age between 20 and 40.

  • 2019 Apr 07Articles
    Five habits to adopt in your everyday

    We are creatures of habit. Every day, most of us will stick to our morning routines like clockwork: wake up, make coffee, check social media feeds, go to work, etc. Of course, not all habits are created equal, as we form bad habits along with the good.

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